About Us

         T-Royale was designed to perfect the Tallit & Tefillin carrier bag. It's truly a beautiful addition to your everyday wrapping, a real pleasure to carry your Tallit & Tefillin in a proper bag built sturdy and stylish. Next time you board the plane make sure to take your Tallis & Tefillin with you. They are part of what separates us after all! With history in the handbag business we decided to create something we've always wanted to do and finally did b'sd. Into the sample room and next thing put it into play. A few months of hard work and we were in first gear and began our first collection.

       We officially launched in Israel in 2015 and have recently opened to the US market. I could proudly say all our sales generates more for us to give back; supporting Torah learning, so thank you! This really was a dream that we made real and we hope that people will enjoy beautifying their Mitzvah. These really are extremely durable and well made, of the finest leathers and fabrics. Chose a color and embroider your name and any designs anywhere you'd like.